Interactive Advertising in Valencia Open 2010.
3D Interactive Game: Will allow user interaction of visual and interactive manner using a computer vision system.


It consisted of the implementation of a game into interactive displays in the canopies of bus stops , where the user through facial recognition and gestures could play a game of tennis while waiting for the arrival of public transport.
Additionally screens bridging to the real-time transmission of the matches in the Valencia Open thus creating a channel of information for the population that did not have the opportunity to attend the event.




Game Features:

- 2 types of characters (Female and Male) to be selected by the player.

- Court System, seats and skies generated during the game.

- Special effects on pictures.

- Implementation of physical equations engines in real time to increase the reality of the game.

- 3 different types of games in which level the player must hit with the tennis ball objects to be defined by the company.

- Presentation of advertising logos and textures of the game. ( Lawn, stands, banners, etc. ).

- System time and interactive score.





Software Features:

-Image processing system for real-time detection of precise movements in noisy environments.

-Artificial vision system event generation and filtering algorithms using artificial intelligence and fuzzy control.

-3D graphics in real time, with quality similar to the Nintendo Wii (r) image.
-42'' LCD screen high definition and contrast.

- High speed camera with wide angle lens 45 °

-System connection for high-speed 3G content reception.

-Uninterruptible Power Supply for Gel batteries (Lead / Acid) with Autonomy 12h and 10h charging time.



Sony Pictures “2012” Movie.

Model installed in Kinepolis Mall, Madrid - Spain.


The next project was undertaken to Sony Pictures to promote Sony Pictures movie 2012, it consisted of the design and construction of a model of the city of Madrid which every so often suffered flooding and other disasters back to its original state and thus repeating a continuous cycle for the enjoyment of visitors to the shopping center.

               IMG 0260IMG 0263



2013: Access Control System IT2.

Product Development  IT2 Stand Alone for Hanscan Spain.

The overall system will be designed so that terminals can function independently facilities and autonomic, service providing access control, user management and configuration. ANIMEC meanwhile was engaged in the following phases:

Phase 1: Define all the functionality of both software and hardware.
Phase 2: Designing layouts, prototyping and development of firmware version and the version Alfa Alfa server software.
Phase 3: Validation of the preliminary hardware prototyping and delivery of software and firmware version Beta Beta server.
Phase 4: Feedback and Testing functionality.
Phase 5: Delivery of final prototypes and production versions of firmware and server software with patches of Phase 4, the entire project documentation and source files.

2013: Access Control System IT2.

  Product Development IT2 for Hanscan Spain.

Product development IT2. It is divided into 3 sets: Stand Alone + IT2 Mabas Ges, IT2 + Mabas Stand Alone Stand Alone Access and IT2 + Mabas Lite. Further applications were developed: License Server and Server Updates and Backup.

2013: System Initialization SPADE.

  Development Spade for Hanscan Spain.

The parties to develop by ANIMEC were:

  •      GUI process where each SPADE displays.
  •      Communication Server.
  •      Multi-threaded communication with each SPADE, data verification.
  •      Generating XML File Encryption with data from SPADE for later reading.
  •      Management System Operators and Administrators, with gateway assignment operator permissions.
  •      Retail Management System, Independent management licensing for each distribution and generation of licenses with the corresponding identifier.
  •      Integration with electronic gateway Banks.

2014: MP v1.1.

Product Development MP v1.1 for Hanscan Spain.

The parties are to develop by ANIMEC:

  •      BSP MP v1.1 Linux Cortex A5.
  •      Bootloader (uboot) of MP v1.1
  •      Rootfs (Linux Kernel) of MP v1.1
  •      Support for different devices Hardware: LCD, Touch, Power Management, Battery Charger, FPC, connectivity (Ethernet, Wifi, 3G/GPRS), Printing.
  •      Configuration scripts and system initialization.
  •      System Test Scripts.
  •      Support for manufacturing and system programming.
  •      Technical assistance to development.
  •      Assistance to the proper functioning of existing applications in the MP system.
  •      Personal or Remote Assistance in case of failures or updates.

2014: License Server.

Development License Server for Hanscan Spain.

ANIMEC had as objective to design, program and execute the following items:

  •      User Registration
  •      User login.
  •      Password Recovery.
  •      Managing Multiple Licenses for different products.
  •      Automatic Integration with payment gateway Paypal.
  •      System of payment by bank transfer.
  •      Internal management reports for manual activation and licensing.
  •      Registration Services client applications new license.
  •      Verification Services validity license applications for clients.
  •      Management passcodes licenses.

2014: Tracking and Location - ANIMEC.

Development of geolocation and tracking system for commercial vehicles.

We are currently developing a device with sensors for market Trucking where you can know in real time the location of transport units, knowing the temperature of the cargo, the weight thereof and placement of sensors for emergencies , theft of diesel, theft of cargo (either in full or not) in order to produce reports of value both for receiving the goods (end customer) and face to deliver quality by the transport company .