In the field of new technologies , interactive advertising makes its way to the conventional advertising, this is characterized as a type of advertising that encourages the recipient to interact with it , triggering a greater impact in order to reach large amount of mass in less time through the experience , beyond being a mere observer.

It is conceived so that the consumer can have a contact with the product, and the companies have decided to increase the reach of their brand investing in new media and are aware that technology is constantly developing and achieving integration with other platforms everyday use by ordinary citizens.

And, again, these changes involve more changes. Interactive advertising will always be one step ahead; they are not immune to advertising actions over time. In its very essence is sensitive to the presence of the user being, which is why ANIMEC engages in this business, which already has experience in developing advertising products that adapt to the urban space and its dynamics, enabling the consumer to establish a comprehensive, rather than merely visual connection, taking care of the spirit to innovate and develop new related services.