hardwarenuevoHardware design offers a synergy between what is knowledge of engineering and the ability that people have to produce technological solutions to specific issues. ANIMEC possess trained human capital, with extensive experience in this line of business, always taking into account the latest developments concerning this topic.

ANIMEC offers clients extensive experience in developing projects such as:

- Experience in the development of enterprise software, services and applications aimed at large flow of information and data processing.
- Development of applications compatible with multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android).
- Experience in developing Enterprise Hardware and consumer products.
- Manufacturers and Suppliers in Taiwan for mass production of tailored products.
- Experience in Product development from conception, the idea of improvement, innovation, development to implementation and support of the overall solution.
- Development System Hardware and Software Quality oriented, optimization and stability of the product.
- Agility and flexibility at all stages of the process, looking for the best solution and the most consistent product possible.